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Welcome to the Whey & Protein Blog

For more than 20 years, I’ve been privileged to be part of an incredible journey. In that time, whey has come a long way.

By Henrik Andersen, CEO, Arla Foods Ingredients

For more than 20 years, I’ve been privileged to be part of an incredible journey. In that time, whey has moved from its humble beginnings as a waste product, to becoming animal feed, turning into a functional food ingredient and, today, moving to provide a widening range of benefits in health, medical and sports contexts, and even supporting the world’s emerging circular economy.

In May 2017, we launched the blog you are now visiting. It’s a place for all industry experts to share knowledge about and viewpoints on whey protein and lactose – and, in particular, their documented or potential benefits to the world. Alongside such benefits, we’ll also be prioritising issues of quality and food safety. And providing or inviting critical evaluations and commentaries, too.

While I find it truly amazing just how much many clever people around the world have been able to get out of whey to date, this is a fast-expanding field and we’re still just scratching the surface. Scientific efforts are continually discovering new things we can do with whey. Some of them quite surprising, in fact. Simultaneously, demands for functionality, quality and food safety are continually lifting, particularly where the lives and well-being of infants and patients are concerned.

There’s certainly a lot of knowledge to share. And to benefit from. We’ve gotten things started with posts describing some of our own efforts in the field. And we have invited industry opinion leaders such as professor Luc van Loon of Maastricht University and Lindsey Ormond from LO Health Solutions to join us from the outset. 

This isn’t a platform with the primary aim of promoting products or the individual companies that make them – Arla Foods Ingredients included. Instead, we’re focused on the big picture, and how to bring out even more of whey’s potential. So products, companies and the like will be mentioned only where doing so is key to reader understanding of a key issue and/or its context.

So, if you are a researcher, application scientist, manufacturer, key opinion leader, marketer or other industry participant, and you have a suggestion for a post – or would like to hear more about any of the topics we touch upon, contact us to get the ball rolling! 

This blog contains material and information intended for B2B customers, suppliers and distributors, and is not intended as information to the final consumers.