Optimised process

Optimised process

Optimised process

High-quality baking from one season to the next

It’s quite an art to produce high quality bakery products consistently all year round. Nutrilac® helps you maintain a stable process and cut down on waste.

There’s not a season that goes by without influencing the quality of the basic ingredients in your bakery recipes. It can take some time to make the necessary adjustments and keep the quality of your bakery products on track.

Unlike flour, eggs and sugar, our Nutrilac® solutions perform consistently all year round and from season to season. That gives you an important buffer when ensuring the stability of your bakery production.

Efficient production with less waste

It cuts your production waste, too. Cakes and muffins, for example, are more robust and less likely to break when taken out of the baking tin. More of them will meet your quality expectations overall. That’s good for your processing efficiency – and your business.

  • Seasonal variations in raw material quality are easier to manage
  • More bakery products pass your quality control
  • Your production waste is reduced
  • Better structure of final baked products without influencing eating quality
  • Improved texture and resilience means easier handling during baking, slicing, packaging and transportation
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