Natural appeal for your gluten-free production

Take the gluten out of your bakery recipe and add our whey-based Nutrilac®. We give you an easier way to high-quality, gluten-free bakery products. 

It’s a tough task to overcome the challenges of baking without gluten. At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed Nutrilac® solutions, which make it easier to meet consumer demand for gluten-free bakery products with an appealing taste and texture.

Our whey-based ingredients compensate for the structural effect of gluten when baking with gluten-free alternatives to wheat flour. The structure of your cake and bread product will closely resemble that of traditional wheat-based products.

Use Nutrilac® on your traditional processing lines when baking, for example, gluten-free sweet short pastry, brownies and pizza.

  • Dough and batter are stable and easy to handle
  • The final products have an appealing texture, taste and bite
  • Crumb structure is soft and moist

Gluten free pizza without stabilisers


Watch the video to learn more about how you can use Nutrilac® to bake great gluten free pizza without stabilisers.

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