Quality & Food safety

Quality & Food safety

World-class quality and food safety to PROTECT

Babies are the best. They’ll grow up to lead our future. But they need the best possible start in life.

Through the world’s leading infant nutrition producers, our scientifically documented ingredients  and infant fomulas (ANM- Advances Nutrition Manufacturing) are the cornerstones of safe and highly nutritious solutions that promote healthy pregnancies and aid the growth and development of infants and toddlers.

In fact, the needs of these most vulnerable consumers define the standard for producing whey ingredients for food and beverages, sports nutrition and medical nutrition  as well as infant fomulas (ANM).  

Mastering quality and food safety practices for these infants and toddlers intrinsically sets the standard to our supply chain management, our production facilities and our uniquely proactive quality and food safety culture.


For your customers

Health and well-being are fast-growing priorities for the world’s consumers. They’re worried that the foods and beverages they choose can potentially impact their long term health. So, too, are the regulatory bodies that seek to support consumers in making healthy choices. Arla Foods Ingredients has a duty of care to protect consumers in making by delivering quality and safety without compromise.

For your brand

It only takes one adverse incident to damage your brand’s reputation. So you need to work with a supplier that works just as hard to protect your customers and your business as you do.

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