Milk proteins

Milk proteins

Advancing health foods

Protein remains top of mind for sports people and those living an active and healthy lifestyle. Strong scientific evidence tells us that protein plays a role in muscle synthesis and recovery, feelings of satiety, and weight management. But now, consumers are seeking health food options that are organic, natural and wholesome, as well.

Native milk proteins: Pure goodness

We have developed a micellar casein isolate that is rich in native proteins. This new organic ingredient is made from 100 percent organic Danish milk. Due to our use of gentle membrane filtration technology without the addition of harsh acids or chemicals, the protein is retained in its purest form. And because minimal protein denaturation occurs, the nutritional benefits are kept locked in. Our micellar casein isolate contains a minimum of 86 percent native protein. It’s as close to nature as you can get.

Go organic
With organic health food products increasingly growing on the market, we’ve developed our first-ever organic ingredient. The organic micellar casein isolate allows you to extend your product line to include organic versions.

Suitable for applications in ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, puddings and shakes, our micellar casein isolate is low in lactose and fat, and naturally high in protein.

Product range with milk proteins  

  • Lacprodan MicelPure®  Organic 
  • Lacprodan MicelPure®  
  • Lacprodan MicelPure®  Instant Soy Organic
  • Lacprodan MicelPure®Instant Soy  
  • Lacprodan MicelPure®  Instant Sunflower Organic
  • Lacprodan MicelPure®  Instant Sunflower  

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