Sports nutrition consumers

Sports nutrition consumers

From niche to mainstream
Sports nutrition has moved out of the niche, where elite athletes and bodybuilders were primary users. Today, mainstream consumers are increasingly well informed about the health benefits – and attracted by the widening range of sports nutrition products that are novel, tasty and convenient.

Ready-to-drink beverages, high protein bars and cookies are much more acceptable to the mainstream consumer segment than traditional protein powders. The long-term protein trend has also driven the growth of the healthy snacking market. In fact, 42% of global consumers agree that all kinds of food could benefit from improved nutritional quality – providing the taste is unchanged1

Mainstream consumer groups
Our market research has identified three consumer groups in the mainstream segment. We call them performance nutrition, active nutrition and lifestyle nutrition consumers. Each group has well-defined preferences and needs when buying sports nutrition.

Ingredients for functionality and performance
Our high-quality whey proteins include beta-lactoglobulin, whey protein concentrates, whey protein isolates, whey protein hydrolysates and alpha-lactalbumin. Rich in all essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids, they offer superior health benefits for an enhanced sports performance:

  • Stimulate muscle growth 
  • Speed up muscle recovery 
  • Support healthy weight and body composition
  • Contribute to healthy bones
  • Easy digestibility and rapid absorption

Experience the versatile functional advantages:

  • Mild dairy taste
  • Tailored textures
  • Improved shelf life

1. HealthFocus® International, 2022 Global Trend study.

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