Casein glycomacropeptide

Casein glycomacropeptide

Casein glycomacropeptide for medical nutrition

Lacprodan® CGMP-20 is a highly purified casein glycomacropeptide product with a very low level of the amino acid phenylalanine. Lacprodan® CGMP-20 furthermore contains a very high level of large neutral amino acids, such as threonine and isoleucine, which compete for uptake into the brain with phenylalanine.

Lacprodan® CGMP-20 is therefore an outstanding protein source for people with phenylketonuria (PKU) since these patients are not able to metabolize phenylalanine efficiently.

CGMP for PKU nutrition

The current PKU diet consists of a low protein diet and free amino acids supplements to limit the patient’s intake of phenylalanine. Partial substitution of free amino acids with Lacprodan® CGMP-20 provides additional benefits, such as:

  • Improved compliance due to better palatability
  • Improved satiety
  • Potentially improved bone health
  • Potentially improved gut health

Due to its low content of aromatic amino acids, casein glycomacropeptide is also a suitable dietary supplement for patients with hepatic diseases and tyrosinemia.

Product range

  • Lacprodan® CGMP-20: Casein glycomacropeptide with minimum 95% CGMP, a very low level of phenylalanine and above 81% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
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