Waste-to-food project utilises dairy side streams

Waste-to-food project utilises dairy side streams

A collaborative waste-to-food initiative is underway in Pakistan to bring a nutritious, affordable drink to market by utilising whey side streams from cheese dairies.

Apart from being a costly waste of raw materials, the whey represents a serious environmental hazard when discharged with wastewater. Estimates suggest that more than 40 million litres of whey are discarded each year.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we are working with local dairies, GAIN and the SUN Business Network to develop a recipe for an appealing and healthy whey-based drink.

The recipe is designed to match the needs of malnourished children and young women – a significant target group in Pakistan, where more than 20% of the population live in poverty.

Denmark’s development cooperation Danida has awarded funding to help bring the whey drink to market.

Our partners explain the project in more detail in the video below.  

GAIN's access to better dairy


An affordable, protein-enriched whey drink for dairies in Pakistan