Air incorporation

Air incorporation

Air incorporation

You need air to make sponge cake with a light and fluffy crumb. Nutrilac® binds the air in a whipped batter.

Keeping the air in your whipped batter

To produce light and fluffy sponge cakes, you need to whip lots of air into the batter system. We have developed whey-based Nutrilac® solutions to bind air in the batter during processing and baking.

The key lies in the ability of our proteins to build a stable structure and trap air bubbles inside the batter. This optimised air incorporation ensures an aerated, high-volume cake at the end of baking.

In most sponge-type cake recipes, eggs are important to ensure sufficient incorporation of air. Using Nutrilac®, it’s possible to cut down on egg content and still obtain a high-quality result.

Whipped bakery fillings, such as custards, will also benefit from this functional opportunity. 

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