Premium innovator
Arla Foods Ingredients is a premium innovator in improving nutrition fuelling people’s ambitions or helping them to cope with dietary challenges.

A strong legacy
We started our journey by discovering and delivering tremendous value from whey, turning it from sheer waste into a functional, nutritious powerhouse.

Together with our customers and research partners, we have conceived and brought innovative solutions to market for everything from infant formula to medical nutrition to athletic performance.

Together we drive improvements in nutrition
We are a company of driven, committed and knowledgeable colleagues who are passionate about powering nutrition.

But no single group of people, and no single company - can lift the task of improving nutrition alone. That’s why we’re focused on connecting the best – working closely with customers, universities, suppliers, NGOs, regulatory authorities and others to improve nutrition.

Quality is our baby
Developing nourishment for new-born and other vulnerable consumers is a critical task.

That’s why we’ve made market-leading quality ‘our baby’. Spanning purity, safety, efficacy and regulatory compliance, quality lies at the heart of our culture and we work hard to keep our level of quality ahead of everyone else’s.

A team-minded culture
Across business lines and support functions, we work closely to deliver a stronger tomorrow for people, the planet and for business.

Whether it’s an open, friendly willingness to make things happen, to help others to achieve their goals, or to go the extra mile – Working as ONE is key to our culture.

Committed to sustainability
Our commitment to sustainability began over 40 years ago, obtaining more food out of the same resources by converting unused whey streams into animal feed and more.

Today, we are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And by a roadmap that builds upon three pillars: Stronger Planet and Stronger People, each enabled by Stronger Partnerships.