A field trip to Senegal has investigated the current status of the dairy market and included an evaluation of consumer preferences. Opportunities are being evaluated for establishing production of affordable foods based on local raw materials.

Podcast: A dairy for Senegal
The tale of one man’s vision and a partnership with whey

In Senegal, West Africa, dairy farmers are among the poorest members of the population. Most of the milk they produce is poured away – simply because they have no way to store it and no one to sell it to.

That’s a serious situation. And not just for the farmers. For the children of low-income Senegalese families, it means an important source of nutrition is lost. And the rate of child malnutrition is high.

But about a decade ago, things started to change in Senegal. It was then that a visionary young vet founded a milk collection system and a dairy….

Hear how Arla Foods Ingredients has been working with Bagoré Bathily and his dairy to make each litre of milk go further – and how the farmers are now being helped to get more milk from their cows.

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