Arla Foods Ingredients

is a global leader in natural whey ingredients for products in a range of categories – from bakery, beverages, dairy and ice cream to clinical, infant and sports nutrition. Read more about the latest news and events from our company in our newsletter Talking Point.

Get it right with Greek-Style smoothies

Try our unique solution for high-protein and high-fruit smoothies. Perfect for consumers on the go.

Our solutions

Cut muscle recovery time

Lacprodan® HYDRO.365 a "pre-digested" whey protein hydrolysate that is absorbed more quickly by the body and cuts muscle recovery time from days to hours

Immune development

Feeding babies with infant formula enriched with Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan® OPN-10 supports their immune development, according to the results of a new trial.

Make the most of acid whey

Meet your customers demand for eco-friendly dairy products. Reuse your acid whey and make tasty new products with 100% yield and no waste. Check out our special developed Nutrilac® proteins...

Great baking – with a natural dimension

Our solutions can help you towards a cleaner product label, reducing your need for synthetic ingredients. Derived from milk protein, they are nutritious too. The perfect fit with today’s high-protein trend.

The same cheese - just faster

Simply add Nutrilac® FastRipe to the cheese milk, and follow your usual cheese-making process. The only difference is that your cheese is ready for sale weeks earlier than before. And at much lower cost.