Arla Foods Ingredients is selling high quality lactose through the Global Dairy Trade online auction platform as part of its bid to become the world’s leading lactose supplier. Join us on the next auction:

Our solutions

Next generation sports nutrition

Elite athletes were 17 seconds faster on a 4km run after one week of consuming the gold standard whey protein Lacprodan® HYDRO.365. Find out more about this innovative & clinically tested ingredient


With Nutrilac® SoftCheese solution, you’ll soon be wooing those quality-conscious consumers who seek everyday indulgence with a lighter calorie load.


The world’s population may be getting older, but many over 55s are still young at heart. A natural combination of whey protein and calcium can help the body keep up. Read about our approach to age-defying solutions.

Healthy snacking revolution

Snacks that are healthy, tasty and easy to consume are set to shape the future of how people eat and drink. See our three new healthy snacking concepts here:

Get it right with Greek-style smoothies

Unique solution for high-protein and high-fruit smoothies for consumers on the go. A new unique variant of Nutrilac® protein solutions – that allows you to make Greek-style smoothies with up to 7.5% protein and 50% fruit.

Make the most of acid whey

Nutrilac®. An award-winning protein solution derived from milk that enables Greek-yogurt producers to generate revenue from their waste stream by turning the acid whey into a raw material with sustainable qualities. Simply through the addition of Nutrilac® and water.

Recombined dairy

Short on fresh milk? Never mind. You can still make delicious cheese, yoghurt and ice cream with our recombined dairy expertise

Sports yoghurt

Our tasty sports yoghurt concept is for active consumers who want to boost their workout with an effective combination of whey protein and carbs

Immune development

Feeding babies with infant formula enriched with Arla Foods Ingredients’ Lacprodan® OPN-10 supports their immune development, according to the results of a new trial.

Great baking – with a natural dimension

Our solutions can help you towards a cleaner product label, reducing your need for synthetic ingredients. Derived from milk protein, they are nutritious too. The perfect fit with today’s high-protein trend.

The same cheese - just faster

Simply add Nutrilac® FastRipe to the cheese milk, and follow your usual cheese-making process. The only difference is that your cheese is ready for sale weeks earlier than before. And at much lower cost.