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Whey protein concentrate

Whey protein concentrate in health foods

An adequate protein intake is paramount to maintain a healthy body with the capacity to handle the challenges of everyday life. It provides the body with the substrate necessary to preserve and build vital tissues and muscle mass, thereby maintaining the body in protein balance. Throughout the day, a constant turnover of protein is taking place in the body, where protein is broken down and synthesised. The muscles in the human body account for up to 50% of the entire protein turnover.

In recent years, natural whey protein has been recognised as a key ingredient for a “healthy life”. Our range of whey protein concentrates delivers high-quality products with a total whey protein content of at least 76%. 

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Arla Foods Ingredients offers a wide range of different whey protein concentrates with different application possibilities.

Product range with whey protein concentrate

  • Lacprodan® SP-7017: UHT stable whey protein concentrate with a lactose content < 2% and 76% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
  • Lacprodan® DI-8790: whey protein concentrate with 87% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
  • Lacprodan® DI-8702: whey protein concentrate with lactose content < 0.2% and 87% protein concentrate approx. dry matter