Our affordable yoghurt concept includes whey permeate to maximise production yield and ensure the appealing taste and texture of the final product. Whey permeate is also rich in milk minerals and lactose, which has a natural sweetness that enables sugar reduction. By supporting recipe development and sharing processing knowhow with local manufacturers, we facilitate a successful start to commercial production.

Find out more about how we support local dairies in our case story from Senegal.

Our website contains information on different approvals of Kosher. Only products produced at our plant in Denmark have the approval to use these logos, but we are currently working on getting all our plants approved for Kosher. Please ask us for specific information on your product in regards to the Kosher approval.
Our website contains information on different approvals of Halal. Our products certified from different halal agencies depend on location of the production site and the target market. Please ask for the specific information on your products in regards to the Halal approval.