VALORISE – a circular bioeconomy for the Kenyan dairy sector
This multi-stakeholder project is exploring how circular bioeconomy principles can create new business opportunities for Kenyan dairies and the basis for new affordable dairy products.

Valorising dairy sidestreams in Kenya
Sidestreams from dairy production are major contributors to food loss in the supply chain.  The VALORISE project is examining how circular bioeconomy principles can be applied to dairy sidestreams in Kenya to reduce waste and help dairies diversify their business.

As partner in the three-year project, Arla Foods Ingredients’ role is to map and analyse sidestreams and select those with the best potential for new product development. The acid whey left over from, for example, strained yoghurt and mozzarella production is one sidestream of interest. This nutritious raw material can be the base for new affordable dairy products with an appealing taste.

VALORISE is a multi-stakeholder project led by Roskilde University.

UN sustainable development goals
This project specifies a contribution to SDG 12.3.

Collaborative projects

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