Affordable biscuit for protein-deficient diets

High-protein chickpeas and quinoa are well suited to regions where drought regularly occurs. These local climate-resilient crops provide the base for our affordable biscuit concept.

Starting with the Ethiopian market, our application team has developed a recipe that takes local raw materials, processing equipment and consumer preferences into account. The goal is to enable the production of a convenient biscuit for the low-income consumer segment where malnutrition is a recurring challenge.

Chickpeas and quinoa provide an excellent starting point for boosting a protein-deficient diet. However, these plant-based protein sources do not deliver the complete package of essential amino acids.

Our biscuit concept includes whey proteins to optimise the amino acid content.

Extensive trials have fine-tuned the recipe for a low added sugar, protein-enriched biscuit that can serve as a delicious and nutritious supplement in the daily diet.

Read more about our protein-enriched biscuit collaboration.

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