Phospholipids & MFGM

Phospholipids & MFGM

Phospholipids and MFGM in health foods 

Milk contains a vast range of complex lipids and phospholipids known to positively influence brain and cognitive development processes in children. Although nutrients are critical to the rapidly developing brain during the infant years, recent research on brain neurogenesis and plasticity confirms that good nutrition is important for optimal brain function throughout our lifetime (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and the senior years).

The phospholipid profile of bovine milk has a profile that is very similar to the phospholipid pro-file of human milk and brain.

Read more about the health benefits associated with phospholipids & milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) here:

Arla Foods Ingredients offers two unique ingredients that provide a natural source of complex milk lipids and phospholipids suitable for formulating a range of health foods targeting brain health and cognitive benefits in infant’s children, adults and seniors. 

Product range with phospholipids and MFGMs 

  • Lacprodan® MFGM-10: whey protein fraction with a high concentration of bioactive peptides and lipids and 76% protein concentrate approx. dry matter
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