Tempt your market with healthier bakery solutions with healthier solutions

Consumers snack on bakery products around the clock. Our whey-based protein and calcium add beneficial nutrients from a dairy source, creating opportunities for approved nutrition claims on the packaging.

Bakery products are ideal for enrichment with beneficial nutrients that help consumers stay healthy and fit. The added advantage with our nutritious whey-based ingredients is that they all come from a natural dairy source.

With our ingredients, you have the opportunity to enrich cookies, biscuits, bars, cakes and bread and maintain their indulgent taste and texture at the same time.

We can help you in two key ways – with protein and calcium.

Protein enrichment

When increasing the protein content of bakery products, the risk is that the final product will become dry and crumbly and have less taste. Our whey proteins allow you to raise protein content to 15% and still hold on to a great taste and soft, moist mouthfeel. Up to 40% protein addition is possible in certain recipes.

The reason is the high quality of our whey proteins, which meet the needs of each application. So, whether you are making bars, biscuits, cakes, bread or crispy snacks, you can be sure of a high-quality result.

Protein addition can make your product eligible for specific nutrition claims, depending on local legislation. To qualify for an EU-approved ‘source of protein’ claim, for example, protein must provide at least 12% of the energy value of a bakery product. For a ‘high protein’ claim, 20% of the energy value must derive from protein.

Calcium enrichment

Calcium is an important mineral in everyday diets. Using our ingredient, you can supplement your bakery products with calcium from milk – a natural source.

Bread, cookies, biscuits and cakes are all suitable for calcium enrichment. A snack cake, for example, can contain as much as 200mg of calcium per serving – equivalent to 25% of the recommended daily intake. Once fully dissolved, the calcium has no impact on taste and, in cookies, contributes to a short crumb texture.

Research has documented the maintenance of normal bones and teeth, muscle function and neurotransmission.

  • Enriched bakery products may qualify for an approved nutrition claim
  • Whey protein and calcium are natural and highly bioavailable
  • Sensory appeal is largely unchanged and, in some cases, improved
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