Kids’ nutrition

Kids’ nutrition

Kids’ nutrition

Natural whey ingredients for the children

A balanced diet is critical throughout childhood and adolescence. Kids need the right amount of energy, protein, lipids, vitamins and minerals for healthy growth, brain development and strong teeth and bones. 

Nutrient-dense foods and high-quality protein sources help ensure daily needs are met, avoiding:

Overconsumption of nutrients and energy, which poses an increased risk of becoming overweight and obese and developing associated health conditions in later life, such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Rising childhood obesity is a major public health concern globally, which has already triggered policy changes, including the provision of healthy foods and beverages in schools.

Underconsumption of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and proteins, which will have a negative effect on the healthy development of bones, brain and muscle tissue. Building up a strong bone reserve during childhood can help reduce the risk of developing osteoporotic diseases in adulthood.

Ingredients designed to support healthy growth

We offer a range of high-quality, nutrient-dense whey and milk-derived ingredients that support the healthy growth and development of children and adolescents: 

  • Our broad range of natural whey proteins:
    • Are of superior nutritional quality, rich in all essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids
    • Help build and maintain muscle mass and tissue
    • Support body composition
    • Support the development of healthy bones and teeth.
  • Our milk mineral concentrate Capolac®:
    • Provides a rich source of highly bioavailable calcium, phosphorous and magnesium
    • Delivers the key nutrients for developing and maintaining healthy bones through life
    • Has been clinically documented to give a lasting increase in bone mass in pre-pubertal girls.
  • Our Lacprodan® Phospholipids:
    • Provide a concentrated source of bioactive lipids that benefit cognitive and mental performance
    • Provide a pool of phospholipid that matches the phospholipid profile of the brain
    • Constitute a source of brain-specific nutrients like phosphatidylcholine, choline and vitamin B
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