Lemon pie with Nutrilac whey protein as egg replacement

Egg replacement for cakes without risk

Still putting all your eggs in one basket? Nutrilac® keeps you covered.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could minimize risks and gain control over the costs and quality of your cake brand? By replacing 50% of the eggs in a recipe with Nutrilac® whey proteins this is actually possible.

 Our egg replacement range can give you significant business advantages:

  • Better control of raw material costs
  • Improved fresh-keeping quality over time
  • Stable processing = potential for reduced waste

Sensory evaluations show that Nutrilac® also delivers quality improvements like fresher feel and moister cakes.

Watch the video and download our white paper to learn more.

Calculate savings
Try our Nutrilac® egg replacement calculator and find out what you can save by taking back control.