Delicious recombined dairy products with Nutrilac
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Recombined dairy

Make something special with recombined dairy products – A core Arla Foods Ingredients competence
Increasing urbanisation and the growth of the middle class are spurring demand for dairy products. In South East Asia, China, Russia and parts of Africa, demand is expected to grow 25% up to 2020.

Due to insufficient supplies of local milk and the high cost of dairy imports in these regions, recombination is recognised as the optimal means of producing dairy products in these regions. 

The challenge manufacturers face is how to produce the speciality cheese, yoghurt and ice cream that more and more consumers seek. In most cases, the sole use of commodity milk and protein powders does not meet the grade when producing these value-added products.

A deliciouse as fresh milk
We can help. Using our Nutrilac® solutions, you can produce a wide range of recombined dairy products that are just as delicious as if they were made from fresh milk. 
And it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is combine Nutrilac® functional milk proteins, water and fat with a simple manufacturing process. 

Choose Nutrilac® for recombined yoghurt, ice cream or white, processed and cream cheese. All in all, we can offer more than 20 flexible solutions, providing just the right quality and cost in use to match your market needs.