Protein enrichment

Protein enrichment

Protein enrichment

Enrich and enjoy all through the day 
Whey is a high-quality protein source for dairy products with added protein. Rely on our whey proteins and expertise for protein enrichment of yoghurts, dairy desserts, beverages and ice cream. We’ll take you to the limit while keeping texture, taste and stability firmly under control. 

Protein enrichment of dairy products is still a strong consumer trend. With consumers demanding different types of product at different times of day, the proteins you add must satisfy a variety of needs.

Our innovative patented microparticulate whey protein concentrate products Nutrilac® FO-7875 and Nutrilac® YO-8075, are used as ingredients to enhance the level of protein in food & drinks whilst retaining texture and taste. This makes it possible to take protein content to the limit while staying in perfect control of texture, taste and stability. 

From creamy to refreshing
Because protein-enriched dairy products are typically low in fat and can tend towards dryness, you need proteins that maintain a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. In a high-protein beverage, you may want to ensure a refreshing texture similar to juice.

Our secret is to select whey protein fractions that tolerate variations in temperature and pH – the two parameters most critical to final product quality. So, whether you’re producing yoghurts, dairy desserts, beverages or ice cream, you can meet consumer demands for appealing, protein-enriched products at breakfast, lunch and throughout the day.

Nutrition claims
With the right formulation of our proteins, you can add an EU-approved ‘source of protein’ or ‘high protein’ claim to:

  • Smooth and creamy yoghurt, quark or skyr
  • Refreshing dairy beverages with a stable shelf life
  • Indulgent ice cream and frozen desserts
  • Dairy sports nutrition products where whey is the preferred protein source
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