The key to organic success
Seen as healthier and safer, and better for the environment than non-organic products1, organic food sales grew in 20202. Despite the economic crisis. In fact, "organic" has become the third most prevalent health-related claim globally3. Achieving success in today's market, however, requires organic products with additional benefits - and this is exactly what we can deliver. 

It starts at the very beginning 
Parents are a key driver in this exciting market. They want what’s best for their children – promoting health and avoiding toxins, pesticides and fertilisers – and they show greater willingness to pay a premium for organic properties4! 

63% of Chinese organic parents and 44% of European organic parents say organic is extremely or  very important when purchasing for their children5 

For every step they take
Growing up in a family that chooses organic, children naturally adopt and extend this preference as they become the consumers of the future – requiring brands to provide a broader palette of natural, organic products that measure up to the multiple demands of modern consumers. 

Organic comes of age 
Driven by today’s pressing health and sustainability concerns, “eco-awakened” young adults add their purchasing power to the push for organic options that convincingly address these concerns. 

Health-conscious seniors 
Not to be outdone - and with health concerns of their own - older consumers are not only rapidly changing their attitudes toward health and sustainability7 but also changing their habits to favour organic, functional and sustainable products. 

The journey has still just begun 
For brands who can combine the elements of a Natural Organic Winner - such as traceable origins, clean labels, trending health aspects and a sustainable, dependable supply of high-quality ingredients, the sky is the limit.  

And with a widening range of organic ingredients on the way, the opportunities are more exciting than ever.  


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High quality

Quality and safety without compromise 
As a farmer-owned dairy cooperative and operating under the “Arlagården®” farm management programme, we control the entire journey from our cows to our customers, securing the safety and quality of our organic raw materials and final products. 

Our scientifically documented, organic milk-based ingredients are the cornerstones of safe and highly nutritious solutions. Here, protein quality is a top priority - assisted by innately high digestibility and a superior amino acid composition.  

High quality

Efficient process

A helping hand to your Natural Organic success 
If you’re just starting out with organic production, or already well underway, our experts are ready to help. We can support specific aspects of your organic journey, using our know-how and technical support to help you determine the best, simplest processes for producing Natural Organic Winners. You'll move faster up the learning curve - and create new products with stronger market appeal. 

Efficient process

Engaging stories

Meeting the trends 
In today's markets, "organic" is a sought-after health and sustainability signal. But it's seldom enough on its own. Instead, successful products must tap into multiple storylines - combining key triggers that typically include clean label, sustainability, local sourcing and traceability. 
‘Natural’, ‘fresh’, and ‘no preservatives’ are common claims both Chinese and European parents purchasing organic products look for in food and beverages. In addition, Europeans value ‘grown without pesticides’ and ‘GMO-free’, where the Chinese look for ‘certified organic1. 
Our natural organic ingredients provide everything you need to meet these challenges. In short, you get a complete toolbox of marketable, on-pack stories along with full documentation, including: 

  • Certified2 natural organic with logo 
  • Full traceability3 
  • Locally produced 
  • Free-range, grass-fed cows3 
  • Short ingredient list 
  • Non-GMO3 
  • Low fat 
  • No artificial ingredients 

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Engaging stories

Quality ingredients

No ordinary ingredients
While many functional, nutritional protein ingredients exist in today’s marketplace, few can be described as “organic”. At Arla Foods Ingredients, we offer a wide range of quality milk protein solutions. 

Our range of organic milk proteins provide both high protein content and functional efficacy. Apply them to meet a wide range of needs within cheese, fresh dairy, desserts and bakery, achieving the desired result. 

Of course, that's just for starters – contact us to learn more! 

Quality ingredients

Security of supply

An organic milk pool that won’t dry up
Being part of Arla Foods gives us access to the world's largest organic milk pool1, we have a direct source of plentiful raw materials, both milk and whey – ensuring you can keep up with demand for your next natural organic winner. And with such a large pool, we can deliver unmatched, consistent quality from batch to batch, too.

  1. Organic milk production and organic dairies in 2019, Danish Agriculture and Food Council
Security of supply

Right partner

You can count on us
Choose us as your partner in natural organic food products. Our experienced application specialists are always ready to share know-how, market experience and product development resources including the world's most advanced dairy innovation centre, enabling your brand to develop a range of market-winning organic products for every stage and purchasing preference of modern consumer lives. And with a track record of extremely high customer satisfaction, your success is almost assured. 

Right partner


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Claus Bukbjerg Andersen Senior Category Manager Dairy
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Torben Jensen Senior Application Advisor
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