Nutrilac proteins optimise the quality of cheese production

Cream cheese

Less milk, more cheese
Global consumption of cream cheese is on the rise. And that brings rich potential for you to improve and expand your business – whether you use a traditional process or are interested in starting up production of recombined cream cheese.

Here at Arla Foods Ingredients, we can support you with either approach.

Our Nutrilac® proteins are tailored to optimise the quality of your cheese production and maximise your raw material use. Use them in combination with our special process, and you’ll not only produce cream cheese with all the sensory properties that consumers expect. You’ll also get 100% yield from your milk.

Are you based in a region where fresh milk is scarce? We can assist with the production of superb recombined cream cheese made only with water, fat and Nutrilac®.

To round up the benefits:

  • Your cream cheese products will gain a consumer-friendly clean label, a great taste and a stable texture with minimum syneresis
  • The sensory quality is still great in cream cheese with a reduced fat content
  • You can use our Nutrilac® solutions to increase your production yield to 100%
  • In other words, you can either avoid an acid whey side-stream in your production or use acid whey to create novel cream cheese products
  • You can draw on our recombination expertise to produce cream cheese without fresh milk