Better nutrition

Better nutrition

Better nutrition

Dairy products with a healthy profile
There are many ways to improve the nutritional profile of your dairy products using our whey-based ingredients. We’ll help you add more calcium or cut down on fat or sodium – often making your products even more enjoyable in the process. With the right formulation, your products can qualify for an EU-approved nutrition claim.

Whey-based ingredients are a rich source of dairy goodness. In addition to boosting protein content, they can improve the nutritional profile of your dairy products in other value-adding ways.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we can support you in three key areas – calcium enrichment, fat reduction and sodium reduction. Our aim, as always, is to ensure you deliver high-quality dairy products that consumers prefer and enjoy.

Calcium enrichment
When it comes to calcium enrichment of dairy products, milk calcium is a natural choice. Using our milk mineral concentrate, you can raise the calcium content of yoghurts, dairy beverages, cheese spreads and any other dairy product. We are skilled in ensuring the mouthfeel of your products remains smooth and appealing and in stabilising calcium particles in dairy beverages.

Fat reduction
Many experience that low-fat yoghurt, cheeses, desserts and ice cream taste creamier than ever when our taste-neutral ingredients are used to fill the ‘fat’ gap. The simple explanation is the ability of selected whey proteins to simulate fat globules, making the lower fat content hard to detect. In low-fat cheese, our proteins can also eliminate the rubbery texture – a typical defect when fat content is reduced.

We can help you fulfil requirements for an EU-approved ‘reduced fat, ‘low fat’ or ‘fat-free’ claim.

Sodium reduction
Production of processed cheese relies on the use of emulsifying salts. Our tailored proteins allow you to replace all or part of the emulsifying salts in your formulation. The outcome is processed cheese with an appealing texture, firmness and colour and 30% less sodium.

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