Clean label textures

Clean label textures

Clean label textures

Going natural with clean-label dairy ingredients
Dairy products give an even more natural impression when their perfect texture comes from a dairy source. Using our Nutrilac® solutions, you can dispense with many other texture-enhancing ingredients in your recipe. Consumers will be more than satisfied with the sensory quality of yoghurts, fermented desserts, dairy beverages and cheese products. Best of all, they are clean-label ingredients.

Clean-label ingredients have become a driving trend in the dairy sector, not to mention the food industry in general. At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve been using whey proteins to design clean-label textures for years. We can satisfy almost every consumer preference for creamy yoghurts, fermented desserts, light and refreshing dairy beverages and smooth, distinctive cheeses.

Combining proteins and processes

These textural opportunities rest on our knowledge of whey protein fractions and our ability to combine specific fractions and processing techniques. In doing so, we can optimise and control the natural water-binding and gelling properties that make whey proteins such an effective tool in creating tailored dairy textures. Our goal is to help you give consumers the very best sensory experience – all with a friendly clean label.

Reliable textures

By drawing on our ingredients and expertise, you can eliminate other texture-enhancing ingredients from your dairy recipes and rely on our functional proteins to:

  • Give your dairy products the high-quality mouthfeel consumers prefer
  • Secure visual appeal, for example cream cheese with an attractive shine
  • Create bake-stable textures, for example in feta and cream cheese
  • Ensure the shelf-life stability of fermented drinks, with no sedimentation
  • Obtain reliable shear stability during processing
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