Fresh dairy products

Drinking yoghurt

Healthy drinking yoghurt for busy lifestyles

Delivering a delicious taste and essential nutrients in one filling snack – drinking yoghurts are perfect for on-the-go consumption.

Our Nutrilac® whey proteins give you free reign to tailor the protein and fat content to your target consumers. And, because our solutions adapt to your viscosity and texture needs, you can also be sure of a smooth production process. 

A natural, creamy taste

Our proteins are efficient water-binders, cancelling out potential defects, such as dryness and graininess, and delivering a natural, creamy taste. Nor do they thicken or gel during processing and storage. So you can count on a pleasant drinking viscosity throughout your yoghurt’s shelf life. 

Make it extra nutritious

Looking to raise the nutritional profile even higher? Our proteins work well in formulations with added calcium, fibre and probiotic cultures. 

Your final product

  • Naturally creamy and delicious to drink 
  • A healthy choice for consumers on the go