Greek-style yoghurt

Greek-style yoghurt

Greek-style yoghurt

Make Greek-style yoghurt on a standard yoghurt production line

Greek yoghurt is loved far and wide for its rich taste and texture. But, unless you already have the specialised equipment, it’s an expensive business to enter this global market as a new producer.

Not any more...

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we have developed a Nutrilac® solution and special process that eliminates the need to invest in an expensive processing set-up.

So, today, you can produce delicious, stable Greek-style yoghurt on a standard yoghurt line – and with a protein content right up to 10%.

At the same time, you avoid all the acid whey left over from a traditional Greek yoghurt process. All the milk you put in at the start of the process is in the final product, giving you 100% yield.

Learn more about how we can help you tap into the latest trends in:

  • Low-fat yoghurt
  • High-protein yoghurt
  • Fermented dairy desserts
  • Acid whey concept
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