Reduced-fat cheddar becomes naturally creamy

Clean-label whey proteins point the way to great cheese with less fat

Producing slimline cheddar cheese with a great taste and texture has never been easy. Consumer concern about additives in low-fat foods has only added to the challenge. Until now, that is. Because today there’s a whey protein solution that gives the best of all worlds – a reduced-fat cheddar cheese with full-fat character and a clean label.

Up to 8% less fat…

Using our pure dairy ingredient, you can simulate the fat globules in cheese. That means you can cut the fat content by 5-8% and obtain the same creamy mouthfeel and texture as you’d expect in a full-fat product. All with one simple addition.

… 18% more yield

Thanks to the strong water-binding capacity, you can also expect more cheese from your raw materials. Trials in our application lab have demonstrated a yield increase of up to 18% – and a faster ripening time, so your products are quickly ready for sale.

… and maximum appeal

Reduced-fat cheddar with our whey protein solution looks and tastes great, too. If the label
didn’t state the fat content, consumers would never know.

Contact our dairy application team and ask about Nutrilac® CH-4560.

Produced with ingredients not genetically modified through the use of modern biotechnology.
Made with milk from cows not treated with rBST. No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated cows and non-rBST treated cows. This is only for the USA market.
During periods with shortage of pasture growth and low nutritional value of the grass, our farmers may use a foliage-based supplemental feed such as silage or hay. The nutrition of our cows may also include grain to ensure animals' well-being. Livestock may only be given feed the complies with the relevant leal requirements. We believe the above-mentioned points are fully consistent with the USDA definition of grass/forage-fed, although this claim has not been certified by the USDA.