Yoghurts and ice creams go natural

Yoghurts and ice creams go natural

Yoghurts and ice creams go natural

In the minds of consumers, protein can do no wrong. Strong science backs its health benefits: weight management, muscle development and feelings of fullness, to name a few. And as consumers increasingly search for foods that are natural, wholesome and healthy, combining all of these elements in your latest yoghurt and ice cream products is essential.

Mother Nature’s native proteins

Here at Arla Foods Ingredients, we have created a new micellar casein isolate ingredient. Made from 100 percent Danish milk, the micellar casein isolate is gently extracted using a membrane filtration method, where no additives are required to aid separation. The protein is maintained in its native form, keeping the valuable nutrients intact so that the health benefits remain.

We’ve also developed an organic version for you, too.

Cause a stir with yoghurt

With our new micellar casein isolate, it’s possible to create wholesome and natural stirred yoghurts that are attractive to today’s consumers. The stirred yoghurt can be developed as plain or fruit-flavoured and even has the choice of a recombined format.

The ingredient has a mild and neutral taste and a smooth mouthfeel to help meet consumer expectations around organoleptic characteristics.

Guilt-free ice cream

Often viewed as an indulgent treat, ice cream rarely gets the chance to stand out as a wholesome choice. The micellar casein isolate can be used in your ice cream recipes, helping to naturally lift it as a more attractive choice for consumers.

These are just some examples of how micellar casein isolate can be used in dairy applications. Of course, there are many more innovative opportunities available.

Organic opportunities

The increasing popularity of organic food adds another layer of opportunity. Our micellar casein isolate is also available in organic form, so that you can create organic yoghurts and ice creams, too. We are the first food ingredients company to offer micellar casein isolate in organic form.

There is surely a demand for organic options, as seen in a consumer survey conducted in Europe. When it comes to nutrition, taste and health benefits, European consumers think that organic is superior to non-organic. In fact, 73 percent of consumers said they would purchase organic dairy products if they were available1

Don’t miss out on the market opportunity for organic dairy in Europe. It is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9 percent from 2017 to 20262

Be natural and wholesome
With micellar casein isolate, your stirred yoghurt and ice cream products can boast on-pack benefits such as native and natural . And because we have an organic version of the ingredient, you can also offer organic versions of them.

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