Premium, organic cheese snacks for kids

Developing healthy eating habits for children is a high priority for Chinese parents. Organic cheese snacks can fill the hunger gap for children in China, where parents are increasingly on the lookout for healthy nutrition with a safe and natural image. And even better if they are organic. Organic is an attribute that Chinese consumers associate with natural good health and a high standard of food safety1.

The organic market in China is currently driven by organic infant formula2. As their children get older, it is only natural that parents want to continue giving them healthy organic snacks. China has the world’s second largest child population and an expanding – and increasingly affluent – middle class that is fueling demand for premium food products.

We’ve put together an inspiring concept to help dairy manufacturers meet demand for organic premium children’s snacks.

Treat the kids to an organic cheese snack
With our Nutrilac® organic milk proteins you can pour all the goodness of organic milk into creamy cheese snacks.
Ideal for hungry children and suitable for convenient, on-the-go formats, our organic cheese snack concepts contain real cheese and can give children a good portion of their daily recommended intake of calcium and protein.
Thanks to their mild and milky taste, cheese snacks formulated with our organic milk proteins Nutrilac® are delicious as they are or can be turned into sweet variants using fruity flavours.

Be a frontrunner in organic dairy products for children
With the organic product line Nutrilac®, you can create organic, premium cheese snacks that are specially formulated for children and meet the demands of modern parents for natural dairy goodness.

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  2. Euromonitor International