When protein quality matters

High protein applications

When protein quality matters

High-quality proteins give permission to indulge
Protein is the go-to nutrient for many health-conscious consumers. For more than a decade, manufacturers have responded by packing as much protein as possible into food and beverage brands.

But winds of change are blowing through the protein trend. Consumers are starting to look beyond the quantity of protein in the products they buy. Interest is growing in the quality of the protein as well.

To put it briefly, they want complete proteins that deliver all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for well-balanced nutrition. And they want them wrapped into products with masses of appeal.

An untapped opportunity to make your brand stand out
At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed Nutrilac® ProteinBoost to help get your brand noticed in a market full of protein claims.

Our new line of whey proteins is not only rich in all essential amino acids. It’s also based on patented microparticulation technology, which enables smooth protein addition with no technical challenges.

That gives you ultimate control over taste and texture – and your process.

Meet expectations in every way

Consumers associate proteins with muscle and bone health and weight wellness. With Nutrilac® ProteinBoost, you can meet the growing demand for nutrient density and much more:

  • Complete protein source
  • Indulgent texture
  • Mild dairy taste
  • Easy processing

Ask for Nutrilac® ProteinBoost – complete protein solutions
Want to try Nutrilac® ProteinBoost for yourself? Try our inspirational ice cream, beverage and fresh dairy concepts and experience the potential of our adaptable, complete whey proteins.