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Sponge cake Nutrilac® BK-7900

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Muffins Nutrilac® BK-7565

Pound cake Nutrilac® BK-7676

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Snack cake Nutrilac® BK-7676

Calcium Capolac®

Protein bar, cookies Nutrilac® PB-8420

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Gluten-free brownie Nutrilac® BK-7565

Gluten- and egg-free sweet short pastry Nutrilac® BK-7888

Gluten-free cracker Nutrilac® CH-4560

Gluten-free pizza crust Nutrilac® BK-8501

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Egg free cakes Nutrilac® BK-7676

Pound cake Nutrilac® BK-7676

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Whey permeate

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Our website contains information on different approvals of Kosher. Only products produced at our plant in Denmark have the approval to use these logos, but we are currently working on getting all our plants approved for Kosher. Please ask us for specific information on your product in regards to the Kosher approval.
Our website contains information on different approvals of Halal. Our products certified from different halal agencies depend on location of the production site and the target market. Please ask for the specific information on your products in regards to the Halal approval.
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