Fluffy and light structure sponge cake with whey ingredients

Sponge cake

Whey ingredients whip up a light sponge cake

Nutrilac® offers many functionalities of benefit to your sponge cake production. An excellent air incorporator, Nutrilac® gives your sponge cakes a fluffy, light structure, while the water-binding properties ensure a moister texture. Better sliceability reduces waste during production.

In addition to being easy to add, Nutrilac® makes it possible to substitute some of the eggs in your recipe. Thanks to its proven whipping properties, Nutrilac® secures a light cake texture even with fewer eggs.


  • Improved air incorporation
  • Better stability
  • Fluffy texture
  • Long-lasting moistness
  • Fresher feel
  • Good sliceability
  • Neutral taste
  • Egg replacement