Optimised dairy solids with whey permeate

Optimised dairy solids with whey permeate

Optimised dairy solids with whey permeate

Whey permeate is a fast moving ingredient spreading into many different bakery categories such as biscuits, cakes and baking mixes.

Simply because it is one of the most cost effective dairy solid on the market, capable of replacing sweet whey powder, lactose and skimmed milk powder.

Supply reliability

Arla Food Ingredients is one of the largest suppliers of whey permeate. We have 3 production facilities in Argentina, Denmark and Norway offering Kosher & Halal availability. We ensure product uniformity across our plants.

  • Variolac 850 – Argentina
  • Variolac 855 – Norway 
  • Vairolac 836  - Denmark

What is the concept?

When using whey permeate to replace milk powder or other milk solids, whey permeate acts like a bulk-ing agent with a sweet and milky flavor.

Our high quality whey permeate Variolac 855 / 850 /836,  beats other bulking agents on quality and taste. The excellent free flowing powder properties and 1:1 replacement capability ensure easy implementation on your production line.  


Proof of concept

Test our dairy solid optimised concepts where whey permeate ensures a sweet and milky flavour when other dairy solids are replaced 1:1. Benefit from this unique cost saving opportunity. Contact us for more information.

  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Baking mixes

Why choose our high quality whey permeate?

  • Pleasant and milky flavour
  • Cost saving opportunity
  • Excellent powder properties facilitates easy implementation
  • Realiable supply
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