Great cake donuts every time – with our whey ingredients

Consumers all over the world love a donut, particularly in the US. As global product launches continue to rise by around 9% a year, it’s a love affair that shows no sign of fading.  

For manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is to makes sure product quality stays consistent. Even minor changes to the process can affect the final result.

Stable quality, better texture

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed a Nutrilac® whey protein to overcome the problem. Used in your cake donut recipe, our solution improves stability and tolerance towards processing variations.

Our whey-based ingredients can also improve texture, so your donuts feel moister and fresher over time. 

According to Innova, the average protein content of new cake and pastry launches is on the way up. Another reason for adding Nutrilac® whey protein to your cake donut recipe.

Your final product

  • Improved processing stability
  • Appealing moist texture
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Opportunity for egg replacement
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