Organic premium infant formula with ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients

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Organic premium infant formula with ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients

With ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients, a patented technology, infant formula brand owners can finally capture the exciting potential of premium organic infant milk formula.

Organic products lead infant formula growth
Consumers demand fresher, healthier food options - and they want the same for their children. Organic products are widely perceived by consumers as being cleaner, more natural, healthier and safer.

In a 2019 study1, 73% of consumers indicated they would buy more organic products if such products were more widely available. But with demand for organic whey and lactose rapidly outpacing supply, insufficient availability of organic raw materials has threatened to hold back growth.

In packaged food, baby food is the category with the highest penetration of products with an organic claim2. A key driver is parental focus on purchasing high-quality products with high food safety. Organic certifications on packaged food products serve as a seal of quality and as a source of transparency and reassurance for many consumers. 

In the booming global infant formula market, 'organic' is perceived as a differentiator of such importance that organic products are expected to grow by 10% in the next five years3. And, according to Innova Market Insights4, more than 15% of global launches of infant formula during 2018–Q1/2021 featured organic claims.

Now, thanks to ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients, companies from EU and China can finally capture the exciting growth potential of premium organic infant formula.

Derived directly from fresh milk
ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients
is a patented process that extracts proteins, lactose and milk fat directly from fresh milk, using filtration technology.

Unlike whey derived from cheesemaking, milk doesn't go through multiple processing steps before becoming a raw material for producing organic infant formula. Instead, it arrives directly from a single, source: Arla organic farms. Housed at a dedicated production site, this "milk-to-can" approach is based on a simple, fully integrated process that enables improved control over quality and food safety.

With this method, every detail of the journey from farm to factory can be tracked and controlled, reducing production complexity and time from milk to can. Transport is minimised and there are fewer processing steps, including no intermediary drying, which saves energy.

From milk to finished goods in one simple process – this is ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients.


Keeping up with organic growth
Being part of Arla Foods gives us access to the world's largest organic milk pool5, allowing us to keep up with market growth - drawing upon an unconstrained supply of whey proteins and lactose derived from our organic milk pool.

Now, brand owners from EU and China can easily bypass organic whey shortages. And they can make the most of Arla Foods Ingredients' expertise as a third-party infant formula manufacturer to produce organic, premium customized infant formula at our ARINCO plant in Videbæk, Denmark. In terms of certifications, our organic infant formula produced at ARINCO has EU and Chinese organic approvals.

ORIGIN by Arla Foods Ingredients is a significant step forward for infant formula brand owners. Make it your next competitive advantage: contact us today to find out more!

Arla Foods Ingredients supports the WHO recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life and continued breastfeeding up to the age of two or beyond in combination with nutritionally appropriate complementary foods.


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