State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
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State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities

With the support of our expert teams and a direct, reliable supply of raw materials, our certified facilities manufacture products and ingredients to the highest standards of quality, safety and consistency. We are continuously upgrading our facilities with the latest technology, and expanding our production capacity responding to market demand.

Danmark Protein

Danmark Protein is our advanced whey processing facility – the largest whey protein and lactose factory in the world. Its state-of-the-art processing equipment extracts valuable ingredients from whey, and the ingredients are packed automatically – at no time do they come into contact with human hands or unfiltered air.


Based in Videbaek, Denmark, Arinco is our manufacturing facility specialised in nutrition products in powder form. With its high-tech and flexible production and logistics set-up, Arinco is able to manage a wide range of formulations, products and packaging solutions. Arinco has been producing the highest quality child nutrition products for more than 40 years. 

Arla Foods Ingredients supports the WHO recommendation for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life and continued breastfeeding up to the age of two or beyond in combination with nutritionally appropriate complementary foods.