Functional native milk proteins

Functional native milk proteins

Functional native milk proteins

Functional health foods for the active consumer

Protein is a highly sought-after nutrient, especially among sports people and those leading an active and healthy life. This preference for protein extends to the wider population because many know that protein helps support weight management and the feeling of satiety.

Protein has been popular for decades, and now another criterion influencing food purchasing decisions has emerged. Consumers are increasingly seeking organic, natural, wholesome foods that also deliver functional and health benefits. 

The result of innovation 

Lacprodan MicelPure®  is an ingredient that offers a number of health benefits for consumers seeking naturally high-protein food options. It is suitable for applications in the sports nutrition and health food industries, enabling you to develop great-tasting products such as:

  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Powder shakes
  • High-protein puddings

With our micellar casein isolate, Lacprodan MicelPure® , you can achieve high protein levels in products that appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers. It has a mild taste which meets consumer expectations around organoleptic properties.

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Native proteins

Micellar casein isolate is directly extracted from milk and produced using direct and gentle processing without the addition of harsh acids. This retains the protein in its native form, meaning that the protein keeps its original chemical structure even after processing. 

Why are native proteins important? They are consistent with the consumer desire to eat food that is as wholesome and as close to nature as possible. Our micellar casein isolate’s native proteins make this achievable. 

Organic or Non-GMO line extension

With the number of organic and Non-GMO products increasing on the market, you can choose to extend your product lines to include organic or Non-GMO options. Lacprodan MicelPure® is our first ingredient to achieve both EU Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified certifications. It means that certified products are permitted to carry these labels in EU or US respectively.

Be a natural pioneer 

Here’s the solution that gives you the chance to integrate a naturally high-protein ingredient into your pudding, protein shake or RTD beverage product ranges. 

With Lacprodan MicelPure® , you can promote your sports nutrition or health food products as native, natural and wholesome. And if you’d like to make the product organic or Non-GMO project verified, we offer that option, too.

*According to Regulation (EU) 1924/2006
**According to Regulation (EU) 2018/848 when using Lacprodan MicelPure® Organic
***According to Non-GMO Project Standards 

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