Protein Coffee and Tea

Functional RTD coffee & tea

Protein Coffee and Tea

Energy-boosting drinks – made for active lifestyles
More and more young adults are asking for trendy, convenient drinks that deliver the nutritional boost they need – right when they need it. Just take a look at the latest forecast for functional, ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee, which predicts year-on-year growth of between 6% and 7% up to 20261.

You can capture your share of this opportunity with Lacprodan MicelPure® - a micellar casein isolate that is rich in native proteins, and drawn from fresh Danish milk by gentle membrane filtration technology. That way, the protein remains in its purest form with minimal denaturation – and the nutritional benefits stay locked in.

Lacprodan MicelPure® contains 86% native protein. 

A versatile and functional dairy ingredient
Lacprodan MicelPure® is naturally high in protein and calcium and comes with all the right properties to make the ideal lifestyle drink for your market:

  • Mild milky taste
  • Stable, low viscosity through shelf life
  • Suitable for high-temperature processing
  • Potential for on-pack nutrition claims

In other words, Lacprodan MicelPure® delivers a burst of nutrition with a great flavour and texture in any RTD format. Exactly the flexibility you need to match the preferences of your target consumers.

Hooked on energy and bone health
A global trend study2 has revealed:

That’s two more reasons why protein and calcium-rich Lacprodan MicelPure® is a great choice for your business.

We’ve created two inspirational concepts to help you get started.

RTD coffee – the pre-sports energizer
Our cold brew coffee concept with Lacprodan MicelPure® delivers an extra boost of energy in the morning or before a workout. High in protein, calcium and caffeine, yet low in carbohydrates and fats, it’s right on the ball for active lifestyles.

Possible nutrition claims*: high in protein, high in calcium, low in sugar and fat.

RTD tea – the healthy afternoon boost
Our refreshing tea concept with Lacprodan MicelPure® is the ideal pick-me-up when energy runs low in the middle of the afternoon. Flavoured with yuzu and high in protein and calcium, this is black tea with an invigorating new twist.

Possible nutrition claims*: high in protein, high in calcium, low in sugar and fat.

For more information about how you can extend your RTD portfolio with Lacprodan MicelPure®, get in touch!

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