Bone health

Bone health

Bone health

Keeping bones strong with milk minerals
It has been documented that the bioavailability of calcium and other minerals from milk is very high.

99% of the body’s calcium supply is stored in bones and teeth, where calcium is a major structural element. The mineral component of bone tissue consists mainly of hydroxyapatite crystals, which contain large amounts of calcium and phosphate.

The advantage of milk-derived calcium sources lies in its mineral composition and origin
Capolac® is naturally derived milk mineral concentrate, rich in calcium (>24%), phosphorous and magnesium. It is made from milk by means of a unique isolation process devoid of synthetic processing steps. 

The chemical structure and composition of milk calcium in Capolac® is very similar to the structure and composition of human bone tissue, which offer an optimal Ca/P ratio that contributes to efficient calcium absorption. This may help explain why a study found that milk calcium had a long-term effect on the bone density of the human body compared to other calcium sources.

A means of enhancing the bio-availability of milk calcium in a normal diet or from health foods is to add casein phosphopeptides together with milk calcium. The milk calcium is bound by the casein phosphopeptides and taken up by the body rather than being formed into insoluble calcium phosphates (salts) in the intestines and flushed out.

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