Change your body age

Change your body age

Change your body age

Active adults are foodies with potential
With a whey-enriched diet, adults can control their body age and feel younger for longer

You can’t change your date of birth, but you can change your body age. That’s the message to the fast-growing population aged 50+ – and it’s got a lot to do with diet.

To counter age-related decline in bone and muscle mass and corresponding fat gain, the over-50s need to supplement their diet with whey protein and milk minerals. These nutrients are proven to help adults feel younger and stay fit, active and independent way into retirement.*

Untapped market

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we see this as an untapped market for the food industry. As 50+ consumers grow in number and wealth, the socalled ‘silver economy’ is forecast to be worth around $15 trillion by 2020. But, so far, only a few food producers are targeting the segment successfully. This creates an opening for more products that target the health needs of this consumer group.

Tailor-made inspiration

We’ve designed our Change Your Body Age concept to help you make the most of this potential. Using these convenient, tasty product ideas,you can incorporate premium whey protein and milk minerals in foods and beverages for adults who want to keep on living life to the full.

Try our recipes for:

  • Instant coffee with whey protein & milk minerals
  • Coffee cappuccino drink with whey protein & milk minerals
  • Flavoured powder sachets with whey protein & milk minerals
  • Protein & milk mineral bites
  • Healthy desserts

All our solutions are backed by clinical documentation.


*As part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle, protein contributes to growth in muscle mass and
normal muscle function, and calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and protein.

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