Great whey-based solutions for fat replacement in cheese

Traditional ripened cheese

The same cheese – faster and with less fat
Cheese just isn’t cheese without its distinctive taste and texture. So whether producing yellow cheese, soft ripened cheese, white cheese or pasta filata with a reduced fat content, you need to make sure their well-known characteristics stay intact.

Arla Foods Ingredients has some of the best whey-based solutions for fat replacement on the market. 

Simulate dairy fat
Our Nutrilac® whey proteins have a proven ability to simulate dairy fat. That makes them the natural choice for filling the sensory gap in reduced-fat traditional cheeses made from milk, rennet and a starter culture.

Consumers will enjoy a similar texture and creaminess to a full-fat alternative. Your production yield will also be improved by 5-15%.

Faster ripening
Nutrilac® solutions can speed up the ripening process of continental and cheddar-type cheese by anything from one to six weeks – optimising your cheese production and reducing storage costs.

Your final product

  • High consumer appeal without the hard, rubbery texture and poor yield that are common defects in reduced-fat cheese
  • Ready for sale weeks earlier than before due to the faster ripening process