Nutritious cheese

Nutritious cheese

Cheesy pleasures where less is more 

Premium cheese is heading for a revival. With cheese lovers everywhere demanding healthier options at attractive prices, we’ve got the solutions that make them possible.  

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The secret is simple. Just halve the milk fat and replace it with milk and whey protein, calcium and a little processing knowhow from Arla Foods Ingredients. In a few easy steps, you can cut the cost of expensive ingredients and give your cheese a nutritious lift. 

The really great news? The creamy taste and texture are still sublime. 

Nutritious added value 
Consumer concerns about health and the cost of living have slowed cheese purchases in major markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas over the past few years. 

Our innovative solutions turn a challenge into an opportunity by adding value and a potential nutrition claim to your premium cheese brand. 

  • Reduced fat 
  • High protein 
  • Source of calcium  
  • Low sodium 

Distinctly creamy 
In 50% reduced fat cream cheese, our fat-mimicking whey protein ensures the distinctive creaminess remains intact. In formulations for wrapped cheese slices, you can use our solution to replace skimmed milk cheese or make a 100% recombined version. Quality is never compromised. 

Processing ease 
Look forward to a smooth scale-up to commercial production. Simple, efficient processing is built into all our solutions at Arla Foods Ingredients.  

Find inspiration 
Check out our inspirational concepts for healthy cream cheese and wrapped cheese slices. 

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Discover our solution for individually wrapped slices


Discover our solution for nutritious cream cheese

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