Get back to nature with cheese

Get back to nature with cheese

Get back to nature with cheese

The health benefits of protein are ingrained in the minds of consumers. It has been shown to help manage body weight and to optimise muscle health.

As more and more consumers are choosing foods that are natural and wholesome, as well as nutritious and functional, it’s time for you to take action. Dairy foods are naturally abundant in high-quality protein and offer food ingredient opportunities that add value to your new cheese products.

Native proteins: Locked-in nutrition
Micellar casein isolate is a new ingredient from Arla Foods Ingredients that is made in Denmark – the milk is sourced directly from our Danish farmers. We gently extract the micellar casein isolate using a direct filtration method with no use of chemicals. The protein is, therefore, maintained in its native form, keeping the valuable nutrients intact so that the health benefits remain.

This new ingredient is also available in organic form, which means you can develop or extend your existing product lines to include organic versions, too. 

Say cheese
With our new micellar casein isolate, it is possible to create healthful and natural cheese-based products that are attractive to today’s consumers. The ingredient is stable in processing, flexible with sodium content and possesses a neutral taste, offering benefits for you and your customers.

Our new ingredient is suitable for applications in the dairy industry, particularly cooking-stable cheeses in a variety of forms. If desired, some of the recipes are also available in a recombined format.

The production of Cooking stable cheese and all its possibilities


Many consumers are starting to look into the world of meat free meals for home cooking and in restaurants. Grilling cheese such as halloumi can deliver quality proteins, taste and texture for these meals. Watch the video to see all the benefits you get from our solution:

Micellar casein isolate can be added to recipes for:

  • Cheese for grilling
  • Cheese patties for burgers
  • Cheese sticks
  • Cheese nuggets
  • Cheese for hot pot soup

You can also develop a nutritious, on-the-go cheese snack for kids. The recipe has a low sodium content without compromising on taste.

These are just some examples of the ingredient’s capabilities in applications. Naturally, more application opportunities are available.


Choose to go organic

Our organic micellar casein isolate is the first organic version on the food ingredients market. Going organic is a step further than natural and wholesome – consumers are demanding it, too. A consumer survey in Europe looked into buying behaviours around natural and organic foods.

Generally, European consumers think that organic is superior to non-organic for nutrition, taste and health benefits. In fact, 73 percent of consumers said they would purchase organic dairy products if they were more widely available1.

In terms of market opportunity, the European organic dairy market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9 percent from 2017 to 20262

Stay ahead of the pack
With micellar casein isolate, you can promote your cheese products as healthy and natural. These cheese products can also be developed as organic if you choose to use the organic version of the ingredient.

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  2. Statistics MRC


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