Acid whey

Acid whey

Acid whey

High-quality products from acid whey
If you produce traditional cream cheese, Greek yoghurt, quark and other strained dairy products, then you’ve got a valuable raw material at your disposal. It’s acid whey – a nutritious side stream that offers great opportunities to expand your product range.

Rich in milk minerals
Containing as much calcium and magnesium as milk and a good dose of phosphorous and potassium, acid whey can support strong teeth and bones, muscle structure and general health.

At Arla Foods Ingredients, we’ve developed a special Nutrilac® whey protein to enable a smooth process when acid whey is used in production. 

Creamy appeal
Just add Nutrilac® and water to the acid whey to start producing fresh-tasting products such as fermented beverages, kiri, cream cheese and jar cheese – all with an appealing viscosity, creamy mouthfeel and a protein content of up to 5 %.

Acid whey can boost your business and your corporate brand.

Your final product

  • Appealing taste and texture
  • High in minerals, low in fat
  • Low environmental footprint
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