Custard & Glaze

Custard & Glaze

Custard & Glaze

Whey ingredients for the final touch

The emulsifying and textural functionalities of Nutrilac® are perfect for bakery custards and glazes.
Your custards gain a rich taste, creamy texture and milky flavour that consumers will love. Nutrilac® also improves baking stability, resulting in a homogeneous final product.

Used in glazes, Nutrilac® can replace the egg that adds the final finish to your croissants and pastries. Bakery products gain a long-lasting shine that enhances their golden and appealing appearance.



  • Good air incorporation
  • High creaminess
  • Baking stability
  • Reduced stickiness


  • 100% egg-free
  • Even golden colour
  • Long-lasting shine
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