Food safety by design

Food safety by design

Quality and Food Safety by DESIGN

Going above and beyond

Keeping all the wonders of whey intact while ensuring optimum food safety is a delicate affair. Too much heat, for example, can reduce its nutritional quality. Yet too little can pose a significant food and safety risk. Keeping heat to a minimum during processing requires a combination of strict upstream microbiological control and sophisticated engineering skills.

We carefully design every step of whey’s journey along the value chain to safely conserve its potential – from the development of new, state-of-the-art processing facilities to the way they are maintained. Our production lines are designed to minimise negative impact on our raw materials, food safety, the end product and the environment. To meet future quality and food safety requirements, that are ever increasing, we invest far beyond the levels required to meet current regulatory and customer requirements. 

Collaborative and dedicated design

Our hygienic designs are formed by current market trends and customer demands, which is why it’s important that we involve our customers in the initial phase of plant design projects. Typically, our Research and Development team also works with consultants, suppliers, universities, and regulatory authorities on new plant design projects.

Further solidifying our commitment to quality by design, we have a dedicated in-house construction department leading all our plant design projects. Maintenance team members specialise in specific production areas, working in either the mechanical or electrical track. By doing so, they become experts in their respective production areas instead of spreading themselves thinly across many production areas.

All the finer details

Years of experience in building new plants and upgrading part of an existing one means we know exactly what we want. We give plant equipment manufacturers highly-detailed specifications right down to what particular type of valve is needed. Every piece of equipment is selected to minimise negative impact on our raw materials, food safety, our product and the environment.

Together with a heavily embedded quality and food safety learning culture, our world-class facilities ensure we have what it takes to deliver to our customers without compromise.