Proactive culture

Proactive culture

A proactive quality and food safety CULTURE

Quality and food safety is everyone’s responsibility

Consumer requirements, regulations and corporate social responsibility, quality and food safety standards are constantly evolving. Being prepared for these changes takes a company-wide, proactive quality mindset. 

Our core competences lie in dairy experience in processing products with natural variability. Further, we are recruiting a growing number of employees with pharma and biotech backgrounds,  bringing with them documented best practices and deep understanding of the specific industry between food and pharma. 

Knowledge sharing is key

A proactive mindset also demands a learning culture –where quality and food safety is everyone’s responsibility and where there is ceaseless attention to detail.

“We keep our eyes on the ball and never make compromises. We are good at setting standards, staying one step ahead rather than behind, and adhering to them.”

Robert Boswell, Senior Projects Manager at Arla Foods Ingredients

We strengthen our quality and food safety culture through intensive on-the-job training and by helping each other to incorporate new information and practices. At the same time, intensive collaboration projects and open dialogue with customers, suppliers and universities provide two-way knowledge sharing that spurs constant improvement in our processes and products.

Working for a cause

Our employees are proud to be part of a company that takes this proactive quality mindset seriously. They come to work every day knowing they help raise the industry’s quality and food safety bar, and help babies and other vulnerable consumers around the world. It’s about having a purpose and contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Customer connections

There’s a clear openness and willingness to keep developing and delivering when it comes to quality and food safety – and our customers are invaluable in this process. The collaboration we have with our customers is characterised by clear and open dialogue. In fact, without such collaboration, we couldn’t achieve what we do today. For example, our customers often work closer with regulatory authorities than we do so they keep us informed of what lies ahead – preparing us for whatever may eventuate.

We do all of this because babies are the best. They set the standard for our uniquely proactive  quality and food safety culture. We believe suppliers that continually raise their quality and food safety capabilities protect consumers and brands through proactive risk management. And our proactive quality mindset is an example of this.