Nutrition for healthy ageing

Nutrition for healthy ageing

Supporting the ageing population with targeted nutrition
People are living longer all over the world. By 2030, one in six of us will be aged 60 or above[1]. So, it’s only natural that more consumers are seeking solutions to help them stay healthy and active for as long as possible.

Here at Arla Foods Ingredients, our advanced nutrition manufacturing team has developed a new private label range of formulated milk powders in response to that growing demand. Rich in essential nutrients, each one is designed to meet the body’s changing needs during ageing.

A growing market in China
China’s senior population of 264 million is the biggest on the planet. Yet, while many of them express concern about ageing well, a study has found that 20% experience loss of muscle strength from the age of 60[2]. A daily diet deficient in protein and micronutrients is a likely explanation[3].

In recent years, this scenario has driven an explosion in the Chinese market for senior nutrition. Within Asia, China today is behind a whopping 85% of dairy product launches for the healthy ageing segment[4]. Many of these products are formulated milk powders.

The growth potential doesn’t stop there. By 2030, consumption by the 60+ age group is forecast to rise to 10% of China’s gross domestic product[5].

What’s healthy ageing all about?
Many Chinese seniors already take a proactive approach to improving their nutritional intake and fitness to keep themselves active and independent for longer[6].

  • 86% are interested in protein
  • 79% think it important to eat foods that are naturally rich sources of vitamins and minerals
  • 59% primarily build strength through moderate exercise at least once a week

A business opportunity for your private label

We’ve developed our Healthy Ageing range of high-quality private label formulated milk powders to help brand owners capture a share of China’s fast-growing senior nutrition market.

Delivering high-quality milk and whey proteins, minerals and vitamins, the three products in our current range are made to match individual needs for a convenient source of natural, dairy nutrients.

All are prepared for production in our manufacturing facilities.

Choose from:

  • ‘Healthy Ageing Balanced Nutrition’ delivers high-quality protein, milk minerals and probiotics
  • ‘Healthy Ageing Digestive Focus’ is based on partially hydrolysed lactose and a synbiotic blend of probiotics and prebiotics 
  • ‘Healthy Ageing Low Fat’ is a low fat option

Can’t see the solution for your needs?
Talk to us about the possibility to customise your private label products using specialty whey ingredients like milk fat globule membrane (MFGM), organic milk, flavours and sweeteners. Additionally, we can produce your own recipe in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our facilities offer a flexible supply chain setup that can deliver bulk base powders, bulk finished goods or packed finished goods according to your requirements. Packaging solutions include tins, pouches and bag-in-boxes for finished goods and bags for bulk products.

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